Campaign Collateral


The purpose of this project was to create campaign ads as part of an internship for Inventery. Programs used included Photoshop + Lightroom for product shots, touch ups, color correction, and masks.

Campaign Ads

The ads serve the purpose of introducing the general public to the Inventery pen line up by show casing the different colors and features of each.

Bolt Action Pen/ Clip-On Glasses

The series shows potential for growth and transitions easily into the marketing of other Inventery products such as the Clip-On Glasses.

Main Series in Context

Social Media Content Production

Social Media and Photography Composition

The company Instagram can be viewed here. Engaging with commenters etc. was also used to drive traffic and expose more people to the brand. Product photography was a mixture of both more complex dynamic compositions as well as much simpler smaller layouts. Grid systems were taken into consideration when producing such photography.

User Manual

Brochure Design

The User Manual utilizes columns and rows to properly set typography aswell as illustrations in such a small design space. It keeps the viewer interested and engaged by making use of different layouts throughout the pocket brochure.

Full Brochure PDF

View Here

Product Photography


The purpose of this photography was to help market Inventerys sister company New Mermaids merchandise. This includes taking product photography, proper cropping, minor touch-ups, color correction, etc. through Photoshop and Lightroom.


A variety of merchandise including necklaces, and earings. These required simple yet natural looking compositions from various angles to help market the product. Color was added to the background through the use of pastel colored art paper.