About Me

Who Am I?

My name is Alan Mondragon. I am a Graphic Designer, with experience in sales, marketing and design. I am from Los Angeles California but currently live in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

My approach to design is simple, modern, and clean. I enjoy exploring new solutions to design problems as well as seeing how people interact with them. I believe that great design is created through collaboration and receiving constructive criticism to help elevate projects. Some of my accomplishments include being awarded "Cum Laude" honors in my time as a University student. In my free time I enjoy drawing, listening to music, playing video games, and updating my portfolio from time to time.

I come from Southern California where the weather is pretty much always sunny and people are always having fun relaxing. I moved to Minnesota in 2019 and am always amazed at the new things I learn everyday living here (Paul Bunion, Casserole vs Hot Dish, Caribou Coffee, Snow, etc). Having seasons, idioms in every day conversations, and strangers saying hi was definitely a bit of a culture shock. Also, cheese curds are amazing.